Friday, January 10, 2014

Thoughts And Empty Spaces

cannot stop thinking

About life
about time
about death
about crime
about grief
about you
about me
and how "us" is only on my mind

a thought, no less
no more than an imagination that ran a little wild

a hope that went a little out of control

a love that seemed like a fairytale
because it never happened in real life

was it wrong of me for believing that we could actually be something?

maybe its just how I view this world

that I tend to dream a little more love and hope to easen my thoughts of this already miserable life

when you have seen and felt real life pain, hope is the only thing keeping you alive

a thought of a better tommorrow
a happier someday

I sometimes forget that these, are only my thoughts

my hopes

the thought of you,
the hope about "us"

has been keeping me,
feeling alive.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I see you
Right there
Just sitting. And every now and then you look around

I wonder what's going through your head right now

Do you think about the clock that's hanging on the wall?
Do you think about the murmurs that are coming from the back of your ears?
Do you think about the white board and how it's no longer white?

Or do you think about me, and the life we could've lived?

We could've been invincible

We could've been something wonderful

Both of us could finally be happy
and we both know it.

So why did you have to go?

Why couldnt you just stayed?

I didnt need a label for us
I didnt ask for your 24 hour attention
I didnt expect a gift or a car ride back home

All I ever wanted was your presence

And that,
That is more than enough for my empty heart to finally feel whole

Sunday, January 5, 2014


7000 feet up in the air and what I wanted to do mostly is just reach out to you, I don't know what you've done to me but it seems like everywhere I go all I see is you. Your touch, your smell, your face, it lingers within me. I can't runaway from you, I can't shut myself away from you. Because there's a little me inside of you, and a part of you deep inside of me.

We've broken through each other's barrier, and well you have reached my most vulnerable spot.

In your eyes I feel nude
like a baby only a few seconds old

free from sin
from the filthiness of this world
from the emptiness of this horrid life

I've dumped all my most darkest secrets and memories in your face and still, you're there for me.

all of the things I've told you are things I couldn't even bare to admit to myself, yet you're still there for me.

you didnt judge me or ran off
you stayed with me

like through those hard cold nights when we would stay up till the AM and just talk the hours away

I never thought I would find someone like you in all these years

and here you are

only 7000 feet bellow me and a simple touch away


I never knew missing someone would consume me this much, I guess when you found the right person to waste your time thinking about then everything just follows

I have always restrained myself in love and even set up boundaries for myself. Of course there are times when I desperately wanted to fall in love but waiting for that perfect someone does make you a lil bit more patient.

and when you finally found that perfect someone, everything just falls into place.

"finally," you say to yourself.

but then what do you do when time is the only thing left on your list thats still not quite right?

timing is everything.

time is human's greatest enemy,
it builds restrictions for us.
yet, we humans are the ones who invented time.

I don't care whether it'll take more than a little time for me to be with you. All I know for sure is, I want you.

only you

and if that means I have to wait then I will

I would do anything for you, I wish you knew that. And I wanna be that light in your life, I want to help you see what this beautiful world has to offer you.

I want to be yours