Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Far Away

Here I am wishing I was asleep
Counting the minutes till the alarm would wake me up
I found myself floating away in a dream
Where I was in a wonderful place with you

As we talked and hold each others arms
I remember the way you always ask the same question
How you were so slow in understanding
And so you ask me again

Yes I was
But now I wish I wasn't
I wish I had given you the chance
To tell me stories about your past

I heard you were such an adventure
Full of life and filled with things I've always wondered

We continue walking towards a magical cave filled with dreams of our youth
We splashed around in a rainbow ocean
And then we rest among the stars

I woke up from my dream and took a deep breath
Dragged myself across the room
Looked into the mirror and sighed

I wish I could call you right now

But now you're in a better place
A different world that aren't so mean

Now you're so far away
And I'm here wishing to meet you again someday

Written by: Nabilla Utami
Date: 18 April 2012