Friday, November 30, 2012

Awkwardness, et cetera.

Tonight the stars thought it might be better for them to stay hidden
They told me something big is going to happen
And two days later there was a dolphin knocking on my doorsteps

I told them, "this is madness!"
They told me I was too blind to realize sooner
They told me the world has gone mad

Where have I been all this time?
Was I too busy trying to disguise myself?
I cannot face a world like this
As far as I could remember, I was only twelve

But that was a thousand and ninety five days ago

I looked at this new world in awkwardness
I have never felt more alone
Everyone looked very sad
and Everything looked almost dead

A sunflower was as cold as winter
and winter became as evil as our dying love

I cannot help anyone here
They all resisted me
I cannot be anyone here
For they refuse to look at me

What have we all become?
Have we lost our hearts somewhere yesterday?
Have we all forgotten what it's like to be human?
Are we even living?

I know I'm breathing
But there is no life.

Should we all die like our love
Or should we try to live?

I have looked down and under for an answer
Left and right, there was no one who would bother
I tried looking up
I saw the stars, but their eyes are all shut

Rakyat Jelata

"Dimana letak kehidupan itu berada?"

Telah lama mereka mencarinya
Telah beredar lama ucapan tentang harta
Namun hingga saat ini yang ada hanyalah harapan hampa

Mereka terdiam
Mereka kecewa
Mereka marah
Namun mereka tak bisa berbuat apa

Mereka hanyalah rakyat jelata
Seperti kita semua

Selalu diperlakukan semena - mena

Siapa yang peduli terhadap kita?

November 2012