Friday, January 10, 2014

Thoughts And Empty Spaces

cannot stop thinking

About life
about time
about death
about crime
about grief
about you
about me
and how "us" is only on my mind

a thought, no less
no more than an imagination that ran a little wild

a hope that went a little out of control

a love that seemed like a fairytale
because it never happened in real life

was it wrong of me for believing that we could actually be something?

maybe its just how I view this world

that I tend to dream a little more love and hope to easen my thoughts of this already miserable life

when you have seen and felt real life pain, hope is the only thing keeping you alive

a thought of a better tommorrow
a happier someday

I sometimes forget that these, are only my thoughts

my hopes

the thought of you,
the hope about "us"

has been keeping me,
feeling alive.

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