Friday, November 30, 2012

Awkwardness, et cetera.

Tonight the stars thought it might be better for them to stay hidden
They told me something big is going to happen
And two days later there was a dolphin knocking on my doorsteps

I told them, "this is madness!"
They told me I was too blind to realize sooner
They told me the world has gone mad

Where have I been all this time?
Was I too busy trying to disguise myself?
I cannot face a world like this
As far as I could remember, I was only twelve

But that was a thousand and ninety five days ago

I looked at this new world in awkwardness
I have never felt more alone
Everyone looked very sad
and Everything looked almost dead

A sunflower was as cold as winter
and winter became as evil as our dying love

I cannot help anyone here
They all resisted me
I cannot be anyone here
For they refuse to look at me

What have we all become?
Have we lost our hearts somewhere yesterday?
Have we all forgotten what it's like to be human?
Are we even living?

I know I'm breathing
But there is no life.

Should we all die like our love
Or should we try to live?

I have looked down and under for an answer
Left and right, there was no one who would bother
I tried looking up
I saw the stars, but their eyes are all shut

Rakyat Jelata

"Dimana letak kehidupan itu berada?"

Telah lama mereka mencarinya
Telah beredar lama ucapan tentang harta
Namun hingga saat ini yang ada hanyalah harapan hampa

Mereka terdiam
Mereka kecewa
Mereka marah
Namun mereka tak bisa berbuat apa

Mereka hanyalah rakyat jelata
Seperti kita semua

Selalu diperlakukan semena - mena

Siapa yang peduli terhadap kita?

November 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Chapter 1

A – Confession

Andre: Essa, gue mau ngomong sesuatu
Alessandra: What is it?
Andre: Gue sayang sama lo sa
Alessandra: Lah kok?
Andre: Gue sayang sama lo dalam arti, gue peduli sama lo saa. I care for you, I want to protect you, I want to be there for you sa. I love you
Alessandra: So… what does this mean then?
Andre: Gue gatau sa, tapi the way I love you is different from the way I “love” other girls
Alessandra: How so?
Andre: Gue bukan sayang sama lo dalam arti gue pengen jadian sama lo sa. I just love you, that’s all
Alessandra: Lo sayang sama gue kayak gimana dre?
Andre: I love you like you’re my own sa. I love you like you’re family already
Alessandra: Oh, well to be honest it's kind of odd. But who am I to judge when I feel exactly the same?
Andre: Really?
Alessandra: Well yes, I can’t deny that what we had was special. Karena gue ngerasain apa itu “cinta” pas gue sama lo dre
Andre: How about now sa? Do you still feel that love?
Alessandra: I love you dre…….. but I can’t love you

Andre: What do you mean?
Alessandra: Maksud gue, kalo gue sayang sama seseorang, apakah gue harus jadian sama dia? Can I just love him without wanting to be together with him?
Andre: It's a bit weird sa, but it’s the way we are now
Alessandra: Exactly dre, gue gabisa jadian sama lo dre lo tau sendiri kan. We’ve been together so many times that once more is just too much
Andre: You don’t know how much its killing me loh sa. Where did we go wrong?
Alessandra: Maybe we’re two people who are meant to fall in love just to know we can’t be together

Andre: So what do we do now?
Alessandra: Jalanin aja lah? I mean no expectations, no plans, no future. Just the two of us, wandering aimlessly through life
Andre: Well then, I got your back sa.
Alessandra: Forever?
Andre: And always

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To My Last Heartbreaker

Yes as you can read on the title
I'm writing this song for you
No, I'm not begging for your love
No confessions of feeling blue

The rain starts to pour heavily
As I remember the day I start feeling empty
We were laying down on a warm August day
Our thoughts in the air
And your fingers in my hair

And as my hands start to linger
I hear your words start to anger
"Why, my dear?" I question
But you left in a hurry situation

I followed you to the dark
And then I saw her arms on yours
I hurry out as I was in shock
Reality, tearing down the walls
Walls of our happily ever after
Fading away
One hit after another

"How could you do this to me?"
I asked you bluntly
"Doing what, honey?"
You try to run away from me
Never you confess
All the lies and mess
But now after its all said and done
After goodbye and realizing you weren't the one

How do you feel? I wonder
Was it worth it to leave it all behind?
What was it were you after?
Satisfaction or a chance to rewind?

All these questions now fill the empty spaces between us
We were once so strong
But you just had to let it go

Wait what am I doing?
No, I won't go back to this!
What is it with us
That makes it so hard to just leave it all behind?

Let's just stop right here
And put an end to our story
But I hope one day
You won't wake up filled with regrets
Looking back at your life
And say "oh I'm such a tragic mess!"

Sebuah Cita - Cita

Aku punya sebuah ambisi
Sebuah cita cita
Sebuah mimpi
Kau mungkin berkata "dirimu gila!"
Jika kau tau apa maksud ku

Tampak nya tiada batas untuk meraih sebuah mimpi
Namun mengapa ada hambatan sana sini?
Entah tidak disetujui oleh orang tua
Atau dianggap konyol dan buang buang harta

Kau bilang aku harus bisa berkarya
Namun kau anggap hasil ku sia sia
Kau bilang ini hidup ku
Namun kenapa aku harus jalani mau mu?

Aku tahu maksud mu ingin menjaga ku
Aku tahu kau ingin yang terbaik untuk ku
Tapi apakah salah jika aku ingin mengejar mimpi gila ku?

Aku ingin kau percaya pada ku
Aku ingin kau mendukung segala langkah ku
Aku ingin kau yakini diri ku dan diri mu sendiri bahwa aku bisa meraih cita cita ku

Karna tanpa kasih sayang mu
Jadi apakah aku, Ibu?

Bittersweet Love

Bittersweet Love
karya Netty Virgiantini & Aditia Yudis

"Merindukanmu adalah satu satunya kata yang dapat menggambarkan rasa ini. Dan semuanya dimulai sejak aku kehilangan mu.

Ketika waktu membawakan pilihan pilihan lain untukku, langkahku masih terbelit oleh ingatan tentangmu. Kasih sayang yang seluruhnya milikku pun harus terbagi. Bahkan, rumah tak lagi menjadi tujuanku untuk pulang.

Kini aku menyadari bahwa semua sudah berganti dan yang bisa kulakukan hanyalah menghadapi. Semua yang telah lewat tak mungkin bisa kembali. Apa yang kupikir lenyap, nyatanya tertutup emosi.

Butuh waktu untuk belajar mencintai lagi. Dengan penuh keyakinan diri aku melakukannya.

Menerima. Cinta sesederhana itu saja."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Beautiful Struggle

Here I am in your arms
Questioning myself, "how did I get here?"
I've always thought of us as best friends
Ones who would battle together our fear

And now I find myself attracted to you
I feel like as if there's some kind of magnetic field pulling us together
I tried to fight it
But it was no use
Your charm
Your sense of humor
And just the way you are stole my heart away

I never intended for "us" to happen
I was certain that we would just remain friends
But somehow, something happened
And somehow here we are now

A couple

It's odd I must confess
But it's a good kind of odd

Some people say we're taking it too fast
Some even said that you're just taking advantage of me
And stupid of me, I started to believe them

I even question my own feelings towards you
Am I really in "Love"?

What a funny word to say

What is love?
How do you know when you're in love?
How do you fall in love?
Can the amount of love towards a person change?

I wish I didn't believe in love
But love is just those kind of things that makes life easier

And to be loved by you.....
Well it's a hell of a ride
Yes, you do make me feel like I'm on top of the world
Yes, you do tell me just how beautiful I am to you
and you tell me you love me, every single day

But there's just something about you that I don't quite get
You're some kind of a beautiful struggle my dear
And I don't mind

Written by Nabilla Utami on the 29th of May 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Far Away

Here I am wishing I was asleep
Counting the minutes till the alarm would wake me up
I found myself floating away in a dream
Where I was in a wonderful place with you

As we talked and hold each others arms
I remember the way you always ask the same question
How you were so slow in understanding
And so you ask me again

Yes I was
But now I wish I wasn't
I wish I had given you the chance
To tell me stories about your past

I heard you were such an adventure
Full of life and filled with things I've always wondered

We continue walking towards a magical cave filled with dreams of our youth
We splashed around in a rainbow ocean
And then we rest among the stars

I woke up from my dream and took a deep breath
Dragged myself across the room
Looked into the mirror and sighed

I wish I could call you right now

But now you're in a better place
A different world that aren't so mean

Now you're so far away
And I'm here wishing to meet you again someday

Written by: Nabilla Utami
Date: 18 April 2012