Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Drown Me.

Comfort I seek
and deep down within me,
I met you

I never knew you existed there
"and my soul kinda went, oh there you are! I've been looking for you"

We talked as if we were in love
We would stare at each other for sometime,
then turn away as if there was something to hide

But was there really ever a thing going on?

Or was it more like, "I've found comfort in you so thanks for that"

You know I dont judge
You know all I ever truly cared for was your happiness

It got too real, too soon

and at one point I might even thought I loved you

Feelings, though
I was never sure

It destroys me inside trying to let you go,
cause you feel like home.

I've let you in so deep that I might not be able to go as deep as that ever... again

So thanks for drowning me into this bittersweet whirpool.

Because if it weren't for you,
I would've never learned to swim.