Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heartwarming Words From A Dear Friend Of Mine

Hi Bel!
Jadi sebenernya gue sadar lo ultah dari midnight tapi I thought it would be too mainstream dan lo kan indie and I suppose you don’t like mainstream things HAHA.

Ini bakal agak jijik dan I don’t know why I’m doing this but to be honest, I just feel the urge to write this as a small token of gratitude for our friendship.

So, okay here we go.
You and your love for literature are two things that may never be separated. I have said this several times and I’m sure you're probably sick to the stomach upon hearing this yet again. You do really have a way with words. The way you eloquently form your sentences out of phrases, the way you spill your vivid imagination into writings, the way you make me jealous every time you ask me to comment on your articulately written blog post.

A lot of people can have perfect grammar and wide range of vocabulary. Those are just the tools, yet without the creativity that you have, those skills will simply be abstract thoughts lingering to be formed into constellations. You are an aspiring writer, and I know that maybe later in life when I’m checking out the best seller section in a book store one of your books will be there!

You are two personalities crammed into one soul. Sometimes you can be a melancholic person but at times you can be humorous and entertaining to talk to. A little melancholy is good as it can act as a little paint to your writer’s canvas or seasoning to your homemade meal of letters but remember, be careful because too much will turn you into a vulnerable grenade waiting to burst into a million pieces. You balance your dark side with the hilarious and embarrassing everyday actions and sometimes failed attempts at telling jokes.

You are a great dancer, a sympathetic listener, an emotionally mature person (despite the occasional tumbles in life which is perfectly normal) and someone I can lean on through the good and bad times.

And on this very day,
You, the aspiring writer, the melancholic soul, the self proclaimed class clown, the great dancer, the sympathetic listener, the emotionally mature person, my shoulder to lean on is……TURNING 16!!

So… HAPPY SWEET 16 BELLA!!! May 16 bring you the best life has to offer and become a year when you start to make your dreams come true. May you be blessed with joy and hope. May you always have the strength to face whatever challenges life throws at you!

-Farisa Machmud

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